“I have had many times that I have had Wilson work on my body. I travel the world and have had body work done in many different places by very qualified people. However, not one of them can touch Wilson’s ability as a healer. If I lived in Seattle, I would see him at least 2 times a week to bring my very being into alignment. 

His knowledge is incredible as to how things work and what is really happening on all levels in his work with me. I know that is true for others as well because I have spoken to them and know them as friends. They do not lie. And what’s more, he is willing to do his own work. He is a major healer and well worth the money and time. 

Go see him, you will not be sorry. If something happened to me the first place I would go is to Wilson in Seattle. Try him, you won’t be sorry. Wilson is special. Believe me. Blessings, All.”

Shirley “Gramma/Mama” Barclay, RN, MSN-CNS in Psychiatric/ Mental Health, Retired, LMFT, Retired, Trainer, Educator, Practitioner in Psychodrama, Sociometry, Sociatry, and Group Psychotherapy, not retired, and holds Healer Designations in Indigenous ways by people in the Two Different Nations.


Wilson is amazing! I was referred to Wilson to fix my back muscles. His work was extremely helpful to my recovery. I recommend Wilson to anyone looking to stop pain or even just feel better overall.”

Kaitlyn Welzen


“It is difficult for me to describe the work Wilson does on me, I just know it works. A recent car accident brought me to need some help. The wreck had given me some pain on the right side of my body. It had also re-aggravated some injuries from the past. After a few visits, I could feel where he was relieving these problem areas. This would also lead to him tracing other areas in my body that were compensating or trying to protect the injury. I am very happy to have found him, not sure I would have gone this route if he was not recommended. If you have tried different methods that did not work, please go see Wilson.”

Tony C.


“Wilson provides me with effective relief to deeply located stress.”

John H.


“Wilson, I really appreciate you loving my body more than I do sometimes. I appreciate your concern for me when you see me in pain. You have the most unique knowledge and practice of healing that I have ever encountered. I love the way you work with all the different body systems to integrate and facilitate my healing, so my body can work the way it is designed. I also am grateful to you for saying ‘yes’ when we reconnected after many years.”

Douglas Carl


“He is very caring and knows how to address pain. I like his persistence in the way that he understands ailments and he doesn’t stop until the pain is either gone or it is manageable.”

Elnora Hoofin


“Another great session that has helped to further loosen things up and get my hip/leg functional again.”

Fran Myer


“I was more than thrilled with the results of my Therapy. I feel it has put me on the path of a faster recovery. Another amazing experience. Thank you, Wilson.”

Nancy Baer


After going through 20+ Chiropractors and Physical Therapists over 7 years, I came to Wilson with a lot of skepticism. Being relatively young (~30 years old), I was depressed and angry at the fact that I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Having grown up with a minor scoliosis, I was more prone to getting injuries in sports due to tightness throughout my body, but the final blow came with a snowboarding accident that left me nearly crippled. First few visits did not result in a lot of change in my body. I still had a lot of pain, but knowing from experiencing PT and Chiropractic treatments, I gave it a few more tries. What I’ve experienced in the second and third week of visit was absolutely extraordinary. Wilson was able to point out the origin of my problems and figure out the pattern my body has developed to protect itself over the many injuries throughout my life. Not a single experienced and renowned Chiropractor or Physical Therapist in 4 different states could understand exactly what my problem was, but Wilson was able to pinpoint the area of my injury and how long I’ve had to deal with it. Some of which, I have completely forgotten about. He worked rigorously to fix me; at times he would have sweat coming down his face, working extra hours (up to 4-5) to make sure I leave his clinic stable and ready for the next session. I have learned a tremendous amount of appreciation for my own body through his care and treatment, because he cared for my body as if it was his own.   

Meeting Wilson has been and will be one of the most crucial part of my life. He has restored my body to its full capacity, and brought back happiness in my life (being pain free). This may come off dramatic, but there really isn’t anything in this world that I can give back to Wilson for my appreciation. If you’re suffering from any type of discomfort to pain that you don’t understand, even something you may think it’s normal in your life because you’ve lived with it for a long time. I URGE you to go see Wilson.

김도형  (Peter Kim)


“I went to see Wilson based on a recommendation from one of his other clients. I had been dealing with chronic foot pain and had previously tried a podiatrist, a chiropractor and physical therapy without lasting relief. On our intake discussion, Wilson inquired about MRI or X-ray results and I informed him I had not had those diagnostic tests. I saw Wilson several times and while I did get some relief and I definitely had better sleep following our sessions, he was puzzled by my low-level response. He suggested that I seek out an MRI to help determine what was going on. Due to his suggestion I did get an MRI that revealed I have a relatively rare nerve sheath tumor on my posterior tibial nerve. I am hopeful that surgical removal will alleviate my pain. Thanks to Wilson I am a step closer to resolving my chronic pain.”

Lisa P.


“Wilson is an amazing massager who helped significantly relieve my shoulder and back pain just within couple sessions. He is not a regular massager who just relaxes your muscle. He is somebody who truly “fixed” your problem by incorporating multiple techniques such as Qi, acupuncture points and other alternative medicine/treatment.”

Li Wang