Meet Wilson

Wilson Jordan is licensed in Washington and California as a Massage Therapist.

In his own words, here is Wilson’s story…

I was raised in Philadelphia and Carlise, PA, moved to Seattle in 1981; in 1988 I obtained a massage license in Washington, and founded aPeoplesWalk in 2011, and was granted a massage license in California in 2013. Currently, (2019) I’m a doctoral candidate at Union Institute and University. 

In 1988 when I began my career as a bodyworker, I didn’t have a clue about how to do what I wanted to accomplish with the body and neither did I know how to find out what I wanted to learn. At that time, I chose not to return to school but still wanted to know how to have people feel better in the moment versus over time. I had such a yearning to know much more than I had been taught, but I didn’t know where to go to find such knowledge and techniques. I knew I was searching for what hadn’t yet been documented in the West.

I met Stephan Stinner through a mutual friend who had initially come to me for help. I did not have the skillset to help her. When I saw her the following week, she was coming to extend an invitation for me to meet Stephan, who had corrected her neck issue. I showed up on Stephan’s doorstep the following that following Tuesday, after meeting him that previous Saturday and remained with him the first time for five years. 

My complete training with Stephan lasted for seven years. What I learned during those years am I only now implementing with understanding and patience. 

Since that time, I’ve done bodywork in Seattle and Kenmore WA, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Sonora, Sausalito and Atascadero CA; in addition, Aspen, CO, Portland, OR, Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Butte, MT and Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

I’m currently practicing bodywork, hands-on-therapy and manual therapy, in blocks of time, from 1-3 hours ( Generally, the first few visits are the longest because only after the severe compensational patterns are addressed does the ideal –length of time to be treated becomes relative.