What do I wear to a session?

During your session you are fully clothed. Therefore, it is essential for you to wear thin (no jeans, or clothing made of denim, corduroy or thick wool), loose-fitting clothing that allows me to feel the specific body parts being addressed, as well as allows you to feel the treatment.

Do you use (stroking) massage

No, I do not. No rubbing techniques are part of my methods. Similar techniques are: acupressure, polarity, shiatsu, craniosacral, origin and insertion, reflexology, myofascial release, positional release and Touch for Health. My instruments or tools are my hands, the center of my palms and fingertips with varying amounts of pressure from light to firm; I do not use oils, stones, wooden tools, elbows or rub you with my hands. 

Do you use rocks, ice or heat

No, I do not.

How long is a session and what to expect

Your initial visit can last up to three hours, but depends on your level of discomfort, numbness, or over stimulation. The shortest time frame is one hour. You will be positioned in three different positions during the session (stomach, back and sitting up). Your entire body from head to toe will be addressed. Although, the time may initially appear to be long, it passes very quickly. Additional treatment information can be found throughout the website.

What is bodywork and manual therapy and how do they differ from traditional massage

Massage is the manual manipulation of soft tissue structures i.e.,  skin, fascia and muscles, by applying some form of stroking, kneading and friction techniques with the usage of a lubricant. Often times the focus is on relaxation. 

Bodywork focuses on problem resolution and intentionally addresses dysfunctional patterning traveling throughout the body. The goal of bodywork is to release and change compensational patterning designed by the body to protect an injured site. The end result is to reconnect the body to function without pain. 

What kind of problems

aPeoplesWalk addresses inflammation, spasming and contractures, nerve irritation, breathing difficulties, weaknesses, unknown etiology for musculoskeletal problems, chronic injuries, stress related patterning, recent work and automobile accidents.

What makes you different

The techniques used are based on the needs of the body’s system. aPeoplesWalk sees two problems, either too much or too little, either one guides the treatment protocol. I work according to what the body needs. My focus is to relieve and restore the natural flow where stress has been accumulated through, i.e., inflammation, weakness, pain, “funny feelings” cramps, spasms, cold or hot area. I connect points in the body so functionality returns to various areas. I service all ages from young to elderly. Currently, most clients’ age range is from 13 – 84 years of age.

How many sessions are typical? 

The number of sessions and their length will vary per individual, (both PIP and Labor and Industries are one hour). Otherwise, no two individual’s patterns are just alike. There are similarities but always differing compensational patterning. The time it takes to relieve the number and strength of compensational patterns is what determines the number of sessions.