Where the application of a created, integrative and revolutionary type of hands-on therapy happens, that weaves ancient and modern hands-on techniques in order to reintegrate bodily systems and assist the body’s healing properties. 

You’re probably here because someone referred you, you’re currently a client, or considering becoming one. Thank you for visiting. This page is about Bodywork and understands the body to be an inseparable unit. The body consists of a network comprised of eleven integrative systems, that determine how I address discomfort.

aPeoplesWalk serves as the umbrella for hands-on therapy, professional workshops and academic and professional writings, which are intended to further the knowledge base of hands’ on therapies.

The phrase “a people’s walk” was conceived after a spiritual quest in the foothills of the Sierra mountains in Sonora, California. I went on this journey seeking a deeper and richer direction, meaning and purpose for my life. The actual Quest occured on land belonging to the Me-Wuk, whose Native name means “people.” When the European foreigner, asked, “Who are you,” they replied, “We are people.” So, my calling supports all people/s to walk without discomfort.